Find out what our clients have to say after getting real results with Team Toro.

"Jorge helped me get in the best shape of my life. I was very unhealthy when I first met Jorge, but he has guided me to lead a healthy lifestyle and I was even able to compete at a bodybuilding competition thanks to his help. I continue to maintain a lean physique to this day and am so grateful for his support."

-Orlando G.e

"Thanks to my amazing online personal trainer Yumi! Without her help, I couldn’t have pushed myself. Yumi is so passionate about fitness and wellness and she was so supportive during my program."

-Heidi B

"If Yumi wasn’t my coach, I would have given up during competition prep! I lost my confidence after the first show, but because Yumi pushed me to keep going, I was able to and was so satisfied with the outcome at my final competition."

-Yuko G

"I have been training with Jorge for over 5 years and he always knows exactly what I need to work on to improve my physique. I have had other personal trainers offer to train me, but I will always stay loyal to Jorge, he is truly the BEST! "

-Carlos S

"Yumi cares about each client and keeps you motivated and being positive especially when you feel down. I am a mom and it is hard going to the gym when you have a baby, but she made other training schedules according to my needs. I would’t imagine that I could change myself without her! I really appreciate that I met her, she makes me positive! Thank you Yumi!"


"I had gotten in shape before, but I could not maintain the lifestyle. I had been struggling for two years, and decided to contact Jorge. He changed my way of thinking and motivated me. Within just one month, I started to see amazing results. The key: how meticulous you become with training as well as dieting. I really enjoyed the way he adjusted my training to accommodate my lifestyle. "




“Yumi taught me the excitement of working out at the gym through her online program. She was also very empowering and made me realize my own potential is so much higher and I was limiting myself. I feel more confident than ever. I thank Yumi for all her support.”



“I feel so much better than I did before I started your programs, both in terms of the way my body feels and my dedication to exercising regularly. I’ve been going to the gym for a while, but now I have a clearer focus and know what I’m doing and I’m not intimidated by certain equipment anymore!”



“When I see progress with my body, eating healthy becomes second nature. I never believed I would come this far! Yumi, thank you so much for producing my physique!!”