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regardless of you preparing for a bodybuilding competition or simply working on your lifestyle through online programs, you will always receive your own program catered to your needs. We understand that everyone is different and have different goals. Therefore, we customize each program and never provide a “cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all” program EVER!

One-on-one in person training provides a safe and private space for clients to train without worrying about their surroundings. We only train one client at a time, unless otherwise requested


Jorge and Yumi are dedicated to empower you with the confidence and knowledge to achieve your fitness goals.

Jorge Villatoro

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder
When he was in middle school, he gained a lot of weight making him feel very self-conscious about his physique. He started to learn about workouts he can do at home and developed a keen interest in food and nutrition as he started to see results. He started wrestling competitively in high school which motivated him to join a local gym to start training even harder. Eventually, he went on and competed in his first bodybuilding show at 19 years old. He vowed to never go back to his old physique and in order to help others who are unhappy with their physique just like his old self, he studied and received his personal trainer certificate from American Sport & Fitness Association (ASFA). He started training clients of all levels and became a bodybuilding competition prep coach. He enjoys working with clients to help achieve the best versions of themselves so that nobody else suffers like he did. In 2020, he won the lightweight bodybuilding champion title at the prestigious NPC National Championship and became an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder.

Yumi Villatoro

ACE Certified Personal Trainer・ASFA Certified Sports Nutritionist
She has dieted using the wrong approach for as long as she can remember. Yo-yo diet was her norm. She would only eat salads and lose weight but gain it all back once she started eating “normal.” When she learned about fitness model and bikini competitions, she was determined to change and had a new goal: to step on stage. Without proper guidance, she was undereating during her first competition prep and lost excessive weight and muscle. She met Jorge shortly after the competitions and started to receive guidance on nutrition, strength training, and cardio training. In 2015, she won the overall bikini title and realized that health and fitness has become her passion and a part of her life. She went on and received a personal trainer certificate from American Council on Exercise (ACE) and a sports nutritionist certificate from American Sport & Fitness Association (ASFA). She loves working with clients to not only help provide results, but also teaching them to enjoy the process! She has also competed in the figure and physique divisions and continues to compete competitively.


"Jorge helped me get in the best shape of my life. I was very unhealthy when I first met Jorge, but he has guided me to lead a healthy lifestyle and I was even able to compete at a bodybuilding competition thanks to his help. I continue to maintain a lean physique to this day and am so grateful for his support."

-Orlando G.e

"Thanks to my amazing online personal trainer Yumi! Without her help, I couldn’t have pushed myself. Yumi is so passionate about fitness and wellness and she was so supportive during my program."

-Heidi B

"If Yumi wasn’t my coach, I would have given up during competition prep! I lost my confidence after the first show, but because Yumi pushed me to keep going, I was able to and was so satisfied with the outcome at my final competition."

-Yuko G

"I have been training with Jorge for over 5 years and he always knows exactly what I need to work on to improve my physique. I have had other personal trainers offer to train me, but I will always stay loyal to Jorge, he is truly the BEST! "

-Carlos S

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